Tony's Chess

Tony's Chess is a Winboard compatible chess engine. It can be plugged into a number of interfaces.
The Winboard interface can be downloaded here.
An excellent alternate interface is Arena, which can be downloaded here.

Tony's Chess 0.03 August 15, 2019 Download
Tony's Chess 0.03 Beta June 6, 2011 Download
Tony's Chess 0.02 July 18, 2007 Download
Tony's Chess 0.01 December 17, 2006 Download

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Please use to report any bugs and/or offer any suggestions.

Thanks to all the posters at TalkChess and the Winboard Forum for their interesting reading and ideas.
Thanks to Ralph Loxterkamp, Dusan Stamenkovic, and Norbert Raimund Leisner for the logos.
Thanks to Lars Hallerstrom, Gabor Szots, Sergio Martinez, Adam Hair, Olivier Deville, Claude Dubois, Vincent Lejeune and others for testing Tony's Chess.